Tuesday, November 6, 2007


As some of you know, my last blog is now gone.
This is due to some unfortunate circumstances that took place in real life. In an effort to be a bit hard to find I have renamed my blog and moved. Hopefully, it works!
Since we last "spoke" so much has happened.
First, we got news that we have to move. They are taking over our buildings and sending us to civilian housing. This is actually great, it was just really short notice and at a very stressful time in our lives. But, we will get through it. We move next week. This may the first post and last for awhile during the move. Hopefully not!
In other major news, we found out that Z needs to get a pacemaker. His heart is swelling. It's a huge bummer. Last year we were told that his heart was looking great. Now, not so much.
Thankfully, it isn't urgent, so we get to have the holidays and then in January or February he'll be getting paced.
There is so much going on, and yet I can't get it out. I've just spent a good long while setting this blog up, and now I'm tired, but alas, I'm back.
Hope you didn't miss me too bad!!


tim & gina said...

Welcome back!! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

i Love the name you chose. lol Take care and try to relax any second you can steal. Love ya!


Mama Gina said...

hey Bek! so glad you're back!

Robin said...

Welcome back!

Maria said...

HOLA BEKKI! so happy you are BACK! hope all things go well..take a DEEP BREATH AND LET THINGS BE!! you know GOD always takes care of us!!! be strong...

maria & her boys...

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing your new blog with me. :-) Will keep you and Z. in prayer.

Take care,
Tamara (AK)

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