Saturday, November 17, 2007

That was quick

We are back up and running! Woohoo!!
This has been the best move ever.
First, we love our new house. And are actually sad that we are just renting it for two years!
Second, if you ever have the chance to have movers come and pack you up and move you, I recommend it highly. This is the way to go. Pack in one day, move in the next.
We are settling in nicely. I almost have the kitchen unpacked, which always seems to be the hardest for me. It's tough trying to find a place for everything. I actually have plenty of room for all our "stuff" at this house. I was worried that the kitchen was a bit small, but in reality, it's big enough.
Matt is off for thanksgiving and Friday this week, so we will have a good long weekend to, hopefully, finish up.
Tomorrow, we have to go to our old house and clean it up for our final inspection on Monday morning. I'll tell ya, I could do without this part. Next time, I think we may hire cleaners.
So that's us right now..unpacking in a great new house.
Oh and great news...the family behind us has 6 kids and they homeschool. How cool is that??
Alrighty, I'm off to bed. Nighty night.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the move went well and you really like the new house! Also, happy that you have a large homeschooling family next door! I hope that you will be able to establish a good friendship with them so you can be an encouragement to each other. :-)

A ~*~Happy Thanksgiving~*~ to your household this week!

Tamara (AK)

Maria said...

awww...GLAD to hear that you are loving your new home!! that is GREAT! and how AWESOME is that that they live behind you?!?!?! GOD sure does bless us at every turn!!

hope you have a GREAT THANKSGIVING! i will continue to pray for zachy that all goes well!! please let me know if there is anything i can help you with! take care and GOD BLESS..


gina (uk) said...

Welcome to your new home. Hope u gave lots of happy days ahead of you there.

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