Tuesday, January 22, 2008

So very strange

Last night, Emmie wanted nothing to do with me. She would go to Matthew and cry for him to pick him up. Once, Matthew came and sat by me, and she climbed far over on his lap.
Then, Matt had her. Same thing. No matter what I tried, she would climb up on Matt to get away from me.
Finally, Matt said, "she's acting like she doesn't know you"
It then occurred to me that my hair was in a pony tail. So I took it down.
She immediately started cuddling with me, with huge smiles. It was like she was saying, "I missed you so much". It was really quite odd.
I put it back up later, and she got a bit leery again. Once I took it down, she was all smiles again.
Silly girl!


Maria said...

wow!! same thing but for me it is the glasses! if i don't have them on he kinda fusses and doesn't know what to make of me but as soon as i put them on WALA!! all is well!!

Vicki said...

That is actually kinda cute!!! I remember when June was little, she would be wierded out whenever we got haircuts. How sweet! Glad you figured it out though.

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