Friday, January 11, 2008

Would you believe it..I'm still alive!

It's occured to me that sometimes when I'm stressed, or worried, I just don't function well.
I mean, I do in my day to day life, but to do extra, like blog, forget it.
Zachy's surgery is approaching at such a rapid speed, it's making my head spin.
My mom is here, and Matt's parents will be here tomorrow.
Zachy is so looking forward to going to the hospital. He knows there will be goodies for him. He also knows that he will go to sleep, and that he will get good medicine to help him not hurt. But dang, it's still so hard. I hurt just thinking of him going under.
It's so hard. I hate seeing my kids hurt. As any mother would. *Sigh*
We've been occupying ourselves with the Wii. My mom is playing tennis behind me. It's funny to hear her blame things on the remote. Sounds just like me.
Everyone is doing well.
Matthew is scheduled to have 7 teeth pulled on the 22nd. That should be fun too. At least Matt will have the week off. I imagine he will probably be the one to take Matthew in, because Zachy will still be out of commission.
Collin is wearing his contacts great. And with his new glasses to correct his astigmatism he is seeing 20/30. Can you believe it? It is so wonderful. He has never seen that well before. Yesterday, he looked up and said, "hey, an airplane"
Dill and Em are pretty uneventful. They just truck along, growing up way too fast.
I'll try hard to update after surgery, if not before then, but I can't make any promises.
Until then, peace be with you.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you - plese update when you can. You're all in our prayers.

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