Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day One: Getting acquainted with the ship

Without further ado....the daily entries!
I thought I would do days one and two in this entry, but then I rambled. So you can wait for day two!
We boarded and checked out our rooms. We dropped off our carry on luggage and headed to the Windjammer for lunch. This is where we were first introduced to the food that would fatten us up all week long. Yum-o!
After lunch, it was time for our muster station drill. I think that's what it's called, who knows. We all lined up on the decks to be given instructions on what to do in case of emergency. The guy in charge of ours left us a bit weary. They went through and marked off everyone who was there because it was mandatory. We gave him our name, and he marked off someone elses. We had seen our group on a different page, but he did not mark them. Then, when other stations were calling for their missing people, our guy was not. Thankfully, we had all the faith in the world that we wouldn't sink!

Our life boats

After the drill, we headed to the pool. We had eaten lunch late, so knew we wouldn't be doing our six o'clock dinner in the dining room. The pool area was so amazing. There were several pools and this splash zone area for kids. We later learned that babies weren't really allowed in the other pools, but we didn't know that, so for the first day, Nannie went everywhere.

This is a little lazy river type thing with glass walls.

Like I said there were several pools. These are just pictures of the kid splash zone area. It was amazing.

After we swam and got dressed, we headed back to the Windjammer for dinner. Then, we headed upstairs to Adventure Ocean to meet Brett and to sign the kids up for the program. On our way, we watched an amazing sunset.

This picture was taken at the end of the week, but it shows that we all fell in love with Brett. He took such good care of us, and we adopted him into our family. He may not want to be part of our family, but that's ok, he'll always be family in our eyes!

Matthew and Dillon headed off to the teen area to play dodge ball. We hung out with the workers and got to know everyone.

While Matthew and Dillon played dodgeball,we played a bit of ping pong, then some miniature golf.

We were given free Bingo games, so headed down to Pharaoh's palace for Bingo.

A random bridge on the promenade deck that I thought looked cool

The first of our towel animals, a stingray.

It was such a fun start to an amazing week.

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anna said...

What fun!!!!!!!

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