Friday, October 22, 2010

Day Two - Bridge tour

Our second day, we were at sea. We got little newsletter type pamphlets every night telling us what the next day had in store on the ship. We got separate ones for the kids and one for the teens. Matthew and Dillon thought it was funny because theirs said, "today is day two, and we are in, The Ocean."
We slept in and had room service delivered to our room. The kids thought that was great fun.
Then we just mozied around in our room, totally relaxing and watching the water out our porthole.
In the afternoon, we met with Brett for our bridge tour.
This was so exciting. We met with the captain and his crew. The captain was so great. He talked with the kids about the controls. They all got binoculars to look with.
We watched guests go to the front of the ship and do the classic Titanic, "I'm the king of the world!!" move.
The captain arranged for us to have tickets on a roller coaster type ride we would be seeing the next day at Haiti, and invited us to dinner at the captain's table Thursday night.
The rest of the day was spent swimming and just hanging out on the ship.
I will add that we did go to the front of the ship to do the Titanic move, then turned and waved up at the crew, who all waved back. So much fun!!

This picture reminds me of Star Trek.

Doesn't he just look so nice?

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