Thursday, October 14, 2010

Freedom of the Seas

I want to retell this story, day by day. However, I have so many pictures of the ship that I want to share with you.
These pics won't really fit in with other posts. They are just things we thought were cool enough to take pics of.
So, prepare for picture overload from the Freedom of the Seas!!

The ship...duh

Our rooms. Emily is in our room, it had a king sized bed and two beds that pulled down from the ceiling. It also had a sitting area where the picture taker is standing, with a chair and coffee table. There was a TV and counter with drawers and chair opposite the coffee table. The kids had an identical room, but their beds were not pushed together to make a king sized bed. You can see that Collin and Zachy are standing in between two beds and you can kind of tell in the scorpion picture that it is a twin sized bed.

Marble staircase at forward end of ship

In front of Pharaoh's Palace. This is where games were played. We played Bingo here, but it was the only time we actually went here..other than to take pictures.

The Elevators

These jets are at the top of the elevator area. At the other end of the ship there were stop lights hanging down.

This car was in front of a pub on the promenade deck

The pool decks were above the promenade deck, so this lady dove through the pool, to the promenade

Matthew really liked these statues and learned all about them. This is at the aft end of the promenade deck. Aft, means...not forward. :)

Ben and Jerry's

The maps of the ship

This is a glass sculpture. I wish we had a closer picture of it, because this picture doesn't do it any justice. It was so intricate, and simply amazing.

This dog was tied up outside a restaurant. Zachy and Emily absolutely loved it and had to pet it every time we walked by. I told Zachy he could definitely have this kind of dog. :)

I'm digging through over a thousand pictures. I think the others I want to share can fit into other entries. This is just the promenade deck. The ship has fifteen stories, so this is a tiny taste of it. It truly was awe inspiring.

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Maria said...

OMG...i didn't realize that you had done your MAW!!!! how AMAZING is this ship!!! i need to go back and start READING!! CONGRATS!

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