Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day Three- Labadee, Haiti

On day three we were in Labadee, Haiti.

This is an area of Haiti owned by Royal Caribbean. They have a water park in the ocean, zip lines, and a roller coaster/bobsled type thing. As I mentioned before, the captain arranged for us to have roller coaster tickets, which was so nice of him.
It was really hot that day, and we had quite a walk. As soon as I put Natalie's hat on, she buried her face in my chest and fell fast asleep. We walked and walked until we found some seats in the shade of the coconut trees.

While Natalie I and rested, Matt took two boys at a time to the ocean. They swam and snorkeled.
Beside us was a splash pad, so Emily and the other two boys played there.

Once Natalie was awake, she played there also.

Then we all headed to the roller coaster.

We had a great time on this thing. You were pulled up by a chain, like a roller coaster, to the top of the mountain. You then went on a track, but you could control the speed by using the brakes. You rode all the way down the mountain. You could see the ocean, the ship, all over. It was so neat.

After we rode to our hearts content, we experienced the local people. I know they were trying to make a living, but people yelling for our attention and just bugging us to buy their stuff was not my cup of tea.
We bought a few things then headed back to the ship.
After we rested a bit, we headed to our first dinner in the dining room.

It was so amazing. I could eat there every night!

It was then time for the Drew Thomas Magic Show. Drew Thomas was on America's Got Talent and he was simply amazing. The show was so entertaining, and we all had a great time. I think it was our favorite show.

Matt was called up on stage to help with a trick that we still don't know how he did. It was crazy.

Waiting for the show to start.

After the show we went to the arcade and played some games, then headed to bed. We were met with bats...WEARING OUR SUNGLASSES!!

It was another great day!


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love reading all about your amazing vacation!! :)


Mrs B said...

What fabulous fun! We have a ride like that here... called the Alpine Toboggan Ride - Loved it as a teenager and haven't been since... might be time to introduce the kids?

Love the bats - how cute is that!!

Heather (Creative Family Moments) said...

What an amazing experience!

anna said...

Matt was chosen to be in a magic act at Buckskin Joes when he was a kid. They put his head in a guillotine.....as an adult, I "knew" it was a trick and he wouldn't get hurt.... but still I was rather anxious. I mean after all, the thing cut the carrot in half. =)

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