Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I've often wondered why the mean people live so long, and the good ones die young. Grandpa was one of the good ones. And he lived a good long life. He went downhill the last several years, and the last time we saw him, he was very frail. I have those images in my mind, but I'm going to remember the good times.
This was in 1994, when he drove all the way from southern California to eastern Washington, just to be at my high school graduation. He then turned around, a month later, to come to my wedding. In fact, he was the only extended member of my family to be at my graduation.

He did that a lot. And I totally took it for granted. He came when Matthew was born, and later in the year when Matthew was dedicated.
I just wish I hadn't taken it for granted.

This was at his 80th birthday party. When some people reach the cranky stage. Not him. He was there, lifting Matthew up to help him blow out his candles. I wish my kids knew him better. But as Dillon said, I can tell him the stories about watermelons, and make them his famous fried potatoes. I guess it will have to do.


gina (uk) said...

{hugs} for you all hon.

Debbie said...

~hugs~ I need new pictures of the kiddo's and an update from you. Happy new years

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