Friday, March 14, 2008

Oh me, Oh my (he barks all day and night)

OK, no one really barks all day and night, but if you know the Wiggles, you know the song. And for some reason, it is going through my head right now.
I feel I should sit and write something really great, but alas, my life is so boring right now.
Last Friday, Zachy and Collin started throwing up. It was such a pleasant day. They were done by Saturday, but still felt bad.
Sunday morning, Emmie started throwing up. Poor thing, she can't seem to catch a break lately.
She was done by Monday though.
Then Tuesday morning, Matt and Dillon started the process.
Somehow, Matthew and I have managed to escape this dreaded illness. I have had many nauseous nights and days, but, thankfully, everything has stayed down.
Yesterday, after having a rough day, I told Matt we needed to go shopping. Cause yeah, apparently I like retail therapy! So we went to a mall and walked around. We bought Emmie her first pair of shoes. Can you believe that? No shoes till now. She isn't too fond of them, either. Can't say I blame her. I myself, hate shoes.
And now she is awake and crying, so I have to run.
Today is Matt's birthday. He's getting so old. A whole 32 years today. Why, he's practically ancient!

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