Friday, March 21, 2008

Long time no post

I go through these times when I just feel I have nothing exciting to say.
This is one of those times.
Life is just truckin along, like it does.
Last Sunday, we had an impromtu birthday party for Emmie. I wanted it solely for the purpose of cake pictures.
Unfortunately, the girl is not into eating these days. She is, however, into nursing, all the time. But since being sick, she just hasn't been eating.
So, we sat her in her chair, gave her her own cake, and she stuck a finger in the frosting. She then tasted it, and squirmed to get out of her seat.
That was it. No devouring of cake like I wanted.
Zachy did this too. My first 3 just gobbled it down, but not these two.
I do have pictures, but haven't uploaded them.
The weather here has been wonderful. We've been taking walks in the evenings and just enjoying the Texas spring.
On Sunday, we plan on going to Six Flags. It should be fun. Especially now that Emmie is a walker! Too bad she hates shoes. She just takes after her mommy, I guess.
Next week is full of doctors appointments. Almost every day we have something. Matthew is getting a new appliance in his mouth on Monday, so that should be exciting.
Speaking of Matthew. He saw the glaucoma doc last week. His drop wasn't working to bring down his pressure. So he is now on a different drop. We are praying this one works. If it doesn't, we will add another drop and hope that works. If THAT doesn't work, they'll try surgery. But his eye is funky, so that might not work either. At that point, he will just go black blind. Right now, he can see shadows in his right eye, so is able to at least not run into things. Although, he still runs into lots of things on the right side! We're just hoping that the drops work. I remember when he was 2 weeks old and the pediatrician told us it looked like a cataract or glaucoma. I was so afraid it was glaucoma, and so relieved it was just a cataract. I had no idea I'd be dealing with BOTH! The thing that stinks the most about the glaucoma, is that it hurts him. He frequently complains of his eye hurting. Poor thing.
Oh yes, I almost forgot...we found out last week that Matt gets to go on a humanitarian mission trip to Honduras in June. He'll be there 2 weeks. I know he'll have a wonderful time. I can see mission work being right up his alley.
OK, Emmie is sitting here demanding my attention, so I'm off. Have a happy Easter.

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Maria said...

hey girl...long time no see!! are you going to the MLH meeting on wed?

i have also TAGGED you!! :) hope you join in!! just go to my blog for info!! take care and GOD BLESS....

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