Monday, May 19, 2008

Be still my beating heart

We took the kiddies to the shoe store this evening. Dillon is forever telling me he needs new tennis shoes.
They asked if we needed anyone measured, and we thought, 'what the heck, we'll measure everyone'
She pulls out the kid foot measuring contraption and starts measuring. When Matthew put his clod hopper on the cold metal, she said, "oh, you need the adult measurer". I had been walking away when I heard, "adult". I whipped back around and said, "what did you just say?!"
She then grinned at me and said, "yep, men's size seven"
I asked if she was sure, and she said she was.
I nearly fainted.
It seems like yesterday that they told me he was no longer in toddler sizes, how in the world can he be in adult sizes??
And then, to top things off. I tried on a men's size seven imitation croc and to my dismay, it fit! It was a bit snug, but it fit.
A couple of days ago, I was marveling at how little Em's hands still are. I called Matthew into the room to measure his hands. I told him that his hands were just the size of Em's. Soon, they'll be enveloping my hands.
He says he can't wait for his growth spurt. I can. Babies grow up way too fast.


tim & gina said...! I don't even want to think about it! It's hard enough thinking that Tj is no longer in the T section - as in 3T, 4T, 5T. He now wears an XS or an S. Crazy!

gina (uk) said...

Wow thats some growing there. The boys (age 15) are in size 3 and 4 ! They have a friend who is a size 14 man size !

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