Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I may need a vacation

Seriously folks, I am beat. Totally and completely wiped out.
I don't know why.
I don't have it in me to do much of anything. I am totally and completely dreading VBS this year, and if it were up to just me, I wouldn't do it. But alas, Matt is in on it too, so we will do it. And I know we'll be glad we did, but right now, I don't wanna!
In the last three years, I have spent one night in Houston, and a couple of very stressful nights up in the Dallas area. That weekend near Dallas was not relaxing one bit.
I'm thinking that maybe if we just got away for a weekend, I could just rest. But, that isn't going to happen.
We have commitments the next two weekends and the next weekend Matt leaves for Honduras. Writing that almost sends me to tears. I am so, so tired. He can't leave me for two weeks to deal with VBS on my own. As soon as he comes home it is time to have VBS.
We are going to Missouri at the beginning of August, but I'm not sure I will survive that long.
In case you aren't up to speed with our plans, we were going to take a month off and go up north. But alas, Matt couldn't get longer than a week off of work. My bil and sil are moving to Missouri. We are going up to help unload their truck and to see family. My mil and fil are helping them move, and Matt's grandma and Aunt are coming down too. So we will spend our vacation seeing his family. I'm glad that we will at least get to see half our family.
But, will I last that long?

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anna said...

You will last that long! What choice do you have. Be sure and take some time to relax in between things.....even if it's just a few minutes....go outside and blow bubbles, it's very relaxing. =) By the way, Jenni and Bella are coming, too. I can't wait!

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