Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh that Happy post again

I have numerous pictures on my camera. But I am at the mercy of Matt to get those on my computer. He wonders why I even have to do a happy post. I tell him I don't have to, but that I want to so I can be reminded of the positive.
Right now, I can tell you that yesterday Matthew had a really great appointment with a new nuerologist. We will be redoing his MRI in 6 months to a year because there is a questionable spot somewhere on the right side of his brain. I so cannot remember where or what exactly the doctor said. I used to obsess about new findings, it must be saying something that I can totally forget what was said! This doctor actually seems to care, which is such a breath of fresh air. He is concerned about the mass filling Matthew's nose. Says the ENTs must look at it and discuss it. We saw ENT two weeks ago, and he said nothing about it. We see a different ENT in June. He will be setting us up with the craniofacial clinic here on base. Finally. After three years here, we are getting somewhere.
This all makes me happy, so we can just consider this my happy post!


Kellan said...

I'm glad Matthew had a good appointment. I obviously don't know all of the history behind Matthew's issues, but I sure hope he is okay and going to be okay!!

Thanks for stopping by my site - very nice to meet you. So nice to meet another San Antonian - I've been blogging for nearly 9 months and only met 3 and that has been in the past 2-3 days.

Have a good weekend and I hope to see you again soon - Kellan

tim & gina said...

Yay!! Glad that you are getting good docs! And maybe some answers!

Love you all!

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