Saturday, June 28, 2008

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Unless they look like this!

Last night, we were driving through our neighborhood when Matt said, "A SNAKE!" I told him to turn around and run it over. I know, I know..they are God's creatures, but yes, we turned around to run it over.
After missing the first time, Matt pulled up right beside it and realized it was a rattler. Oh my goodness. It was quite mad! Thankfully, it was a pretty small one, and the kids all got to see it out their window before we ran it over for good.

I'm sorry, but rattlesnakes have no business being in my neighborhood.

But alas, there are so many rattlesnakes here in Texas. I've seen more in the three years that we've lived here than I've seen in all my life. In fact, I'd never actually seen a live rattlesnake before moving here. Just lots of garder snakes.

Folks, I am terrified..Terr.I.Fied. of snakes.

We have all sorts of these..

running around our house. No problem. I'd be fine if I came across an armadillo. Or a possum. Anything really, just not a snake.


It doesn't help at all to know that there are like 15 different types of venemous snakes here. Nope, doesn't help a bit.

And I have to tell you, remember the post that showed you my clothesline? I love to hang my clothes, but I am always secretly afraid to bring in the clothes. I usually bring the last load of clothes in after it's dark, and I just know there will be a snake waiting for me out there!

Last night, I suppose because I felt bad for killing the thing, I dreamt about rattlesnakes all night. I dreamt that we were in Dallas, and everytime we went outside a rattler was waiting to get us. Thankfully, it wasn't like the Indiana Jones snake pit, there was just one snake..always waiting for us. It actually got my kids once or twice, but they survived. Eventually, we were able to escape Dallas and get back home.

Maybe I should stop eating bon bons before bed...

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truth said...

LOL, snakes don't bother me. I used to have one as a pet. (A VERY long time ago.) Growing up in Arizona, we ran into rattlers and they were nothing to mess with. I have no problem running over the old serpent.

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