Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I'm kind of feeling down in the dumps this afternoon.
I don't know why.
I miss Matt.
It's hot and the kids are bored. I can't take them to the pool. Last time we tried that the lifegaurd came flying off her perch into the water after Zachy. He was fine, but when she glanced at him she thought he was struggling. My friend and I were yelling, "what's wrong? Who's drowning" Had no idea she was headed for Zachy who was perfectly fine. Scared him to death though, cause she hauled him out of the pool asking him over and over if he was ok. I actually had to file an incident report about it, and the teen lifeguards kept saying, "wow, it's such a good thing we had that training this morning" I think they were on overdrive.
At any rate, it's not something I want a repeat of, so we'll stay home until Matt gets home.
Maybe we should go get a slip and slide or some such thing. It's just hot.
I wish Matt would hurry up and be home. :-(

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