Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New songs, and what I've always wanted to be

I've changed my songs! Did ya notice?
On July 4, Matt and I will have been married 14 short years! I say short because they have absolutely flown by, and it seems unfathomable that it's alreay been 14 years.
At any rate, I put on some songs that through the years we have claimed as "ours". I had to throw in my wedding processional, just because.
It certainly isn't a complete list of songs that are "ours", but it's good enough.
I'm loving the new Josh Gracin song, We Weren't Crazy. It suits us perfectly.
What have I always wanted to be?
A great blogger. I don't think I am.
I read some amazing blogs, and they are so entertaining.
Mine..not so much.
I think it's something I need to work on. I'm just really lazy. I want to get to the facts, with not a lot of story telling.
I think the fact that I get so few hits, is pretty telling. In the past, I've gotten more, but my address has changed quite a bit, so that could have something to do with it.
That, or I'm just not entertaining.
I don't quite know how to be entertaining. I know it's in the story telling, which I fail at, quite a bit.
I don't ever feel like our life is all that entertaining, so that could be the problem. Maybe I need to stop looking for a story, and just make every day into a story. Did that make sense?
Hmm, I'll have to try...sometime.

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ladyeowin said...

I just discovered your blog...and I absolutely love yhe songs of the two of you.


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