Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yesterday was an interesting day.
Collin and Zachy had been upstairs playing when Collin came downstairs and sat on the couch. He was kind of staring into space, and then said his tummy hurt and he needed the pot in case he had to throw up.
I asked if he was OK.
He then went on to tell me that he and Zachy were standing up playing with cars at their dresser, when he felt like nails were going into the back of his head, and then he fell over.
When I started questioning him about it, he said it was like he went to sleep and woke up on the floor. Zachy told me that Collin fell over, and he asked him if he was still going to play with him. But he didn't answer, because his eyes were closed. Then he asked again and he opened his eyes and said yes.
To me, it sounds like he passed out.
I called to try and get him in to the pediatrician, but they said to take him to the ER. By this time he was acting fine, but we went anyway.
The resident there told me that he knew kids (he had number 3 on the way) and it sounds like Collin made it up. That his kids would make something like that up. And that 6 year olds don't normally pass out, and since he was OK at the hospital, he doesn't think he passed out.
Do I think Collin made it up? No. He was so dazed when he came downstairs, and told me he went to sleep and fell over backwards.
He is totally fine now though.
We are supposed to go to the pediatrician tomorrow, but now I'm hesitant. I don't want to waste my time and have the doc tell me he made it up.
What to do, what to do.


Kellan said...

Better safe than sorry. He could have a concussion and that could be serious. Hope he is okay - how scary.

Take care - see you soon - Kellan

Kareer Woman said...

Hope he's okay, wow!

anna said...

sounds like it could be a seizure.....I would have taken him to the doc also! And I think if he had made it up, the wording would have sounded more fabricated! Let us know what the doc says.

Daiquiri said...

I can't believe the ER doctor said that! What nerve. He might know "kids", but he doesn't *know* your kid.

Good thing he has you as his advocate. A doctor so willing to write it off is downright irresponsible and dangerous!

I hope your little guy is better and that you can get to the bottom of what happened yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Definitely take him in... You probably already have since I haven't been on the computer in awhile, so I'm gonna call you. :) Hope everything is A-OK.

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