Monday, June 23, 2008

A tale of two girls

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, were two little girls.
The girls met in elementary school and were instantly best friends.
All growing up they were together.
On several occasions, they went to the first girl's cabin at the creek.
It was on one of these trips that the girls came up with names for each other.
Apricot and Bacon. Apricot had a sister, who the girls named MelonHead, and a brother they called Jamocha (is there even such a word?? They thought so!).
Apricot and Bacon grew up together and shared a love of all things, including New Kids on the Block. Apricot loved Joey, and Bacon was a Donnie fan.
Eventually, the girls hit high school. There, they got into trouble together. Apricot's parents even forbid Apricot from ever setting foot in Bacon's truck, because surely that's where they chased the boys!
As juniors in high school, Apricot's family let her go on a cruise with Bacon's family, and they had a great, GREAT time. Some wonderful memories were made that week.
By their senior year, Bacon was dating her future husband.
Apricot was, naturally, in the wedding.
Bacon and her new husband moved away, and Apricot went to college.
They drifted. Bacon had kids, Apricot did not. Eventually, Apricot got married, and Bacon secretly hoped this would bring them back together. But to no avail. Too much time had passed and they had gone completely separate ways.
Still, there was the occasional email and phone call, it just wasn't the same.
After many years, Apricot emailed Bacon and declared she was going to be a mom.
Apricot and her husband decided to adopt from Ethiopia. Bacon was very happy. For selfish reasons too..maybe NOW they'd have more in common again. Time would tell.
In July, Apricot and her husband will travel to Ethiopia to pick up their new son.
Bacon couldn't be happier for them.
It's true Apricot. I love you and am so incredibly happy for you and J. No matter what, you will always be my Apricot, time and differences will never change that. We may drift, but I have confidence that little M will have a way of pulling us back together.
Congratulations dear friend, I can't wait to "meet" your son.

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