Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I don't normally do this

Today I want to highly recommend a product. I am in no way being paid to do this, I am just impressed.
Awhile ago, it became clear that our boys were growing up, and it was time to have some serious talks about *gasp* the birds and the bees.
The problem was, Matt didn't really know how to go about doing this. He remembers the talk his dad had with him and just remembers both of them being very embarassed. This isn't what we wanted, but we weren't real sure how to avoid it.
Enter Passport 2 Purity.
This program is great!
Basically, you go on a getaway with your child. About 24 hours worth.
You start by taking them to dinner and telling them what the weekend (or night) is going to be about. You give them their adventure journal that they will use to fill in answers to tough questions. Then on your way to your destination, you listen to the first of five cds. You cannot imagine the relief Matt felt knowing that someone else would be presenting this information in a Biblical manner.
The first topic is about peer pressure. They listen to the disc and fill in the blanks, then discuss things with their parent. They get to listen to their parents talk about mistakes they made! What fun!
The topics covered are peer pressure, your changing body, sex, dating, and staying pure.
After each topic they do an experiment to drive the point home. For example, the first experiment is trying to put together a puzzle with no picture to go by. The point behind this is to show how we need instructions in life. And those are in the Bible.
After the heavy topics on the second day, you do something fun with your child.
Then after the last topic, you wrap up with a nice dinner where you present them with a gift to congratulate them for taking these steps towards maturity.
So Matt took Matthew to a local hotel on Monday night. For their fun time, they went ice skating and to a movie. For his gift, he got an electric razor. He's grown a caterpillar on his lip!
Then last night, Zachy and Collin spent the night with Matt just to spend some time with him. They went to Chuck E Cheese and then also to a movie.
Tonight is Dillon's night to complete the program.
Matthew came home and had had a great time. I was worried about how he would respond to all of this, but he really enjoyed it.
I asked Matthew if he thought Dillon was too young and he said that no he wasn't, and he wished we had done this when he was 11.
I am just really, really pleased with how this has turned out.
If you have preteens, I highly recommend this program to you.

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Shell said...

Wow Bek, that sounds great. Pretty sure that my hubby wouldn't do it tho... darnit. I have been wondering about how to go about this same subject for a while now too. How did our boys get so old?

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