Friday, September 18, 2009

Not a call I really wanted

So I got a call bright and early this morning. It was the nurse from the electrophysiologist's office.
By the way, I've never gotten a call from her before, which of course makes my heart drop.
She told me that Zachy's last phone transmission showed his leads all look great, but he is having several episodes of high rates. She said it's nothing life threatening..yet..and that he needs to be seen.
We already had an appointment set up for October 14, and we are just keeping that appointment.
I am praying it is an easy fix. However, one of the reasons we paced him when we did, was to avoid getting to the point of tachy rhythms. Tachy is much harder to correct than brady. The hope was that by getting the brady under control, it would be like a normal heart and he wouldn't ever get to the tachy point.
I don't know how they are going to correct it. Before they paced him the doc talked about having to control tachy rhythms with meds. I keep hoping maybe the can just set a high threshold. But that doesn't make sense to me. It is easy to zap a heart and make it beat, but how do you zap it to make it slow down? Of course, I'm not the doctor and it may very well be possible. We'll see.
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate CHD. I hate that any child has to suffer through any of this.
I wish the Lord would just reach down and heal my baby's heart. And at the same time, I know how incredibly selfish that is. My baby is here and alive, so many aren't that lucky.
I find it almost comical that this is happening now. This seems to be our pattern. Things will be quiet in our house for awhile, then Matthew and Zachy will be hit at the same time. In fact, when Zachy was paced, Matthew had surgery a week later. So it figures that we would be dealing with all we are with Matthew and things would pop up with Zachy!
Anyway, his appointment isn't until the 14TH and I am going to try hard to not think about it until then!!


Anna said...

We'll be praying!!!

GinaBeana said...

We're definitely praying for him! Love you all!

Maria said...

{{hugs}}} how scary...i am so sad to see that he is still having issues...our thoughts and prayers go out to ya'll...

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