Thursday, December 6, 2007

Clearing something up, and some funnies

Some of you have asked me about Zachy's surgery and how it will be done.
If all goes according to plan, this will NOT be through the breastbone.
They will make a little incision by the pectoral muscle and put the generator under the muscle. Then they will thread the leads in through his veins.
The catch here is that there, apparently, is no such thing as a "pediatric" pacemaker. So we are dealing with adult size leads. And 4 year old size veins. The card seems to think that Z's veins are big and wide open, but they won't know until they get in there if they are big enough.
But, as of right now, the plan is to NOT open his chest, just a small pocket area.

When I call my mom, her husband will sometimes answer. It goes like this.
"Dave K____"
"Dave K____, is Cathy K_____ there?"
I say that everytime he answers like.
Collin has been walking around today saying,
"Dave K____ is Cavity K____ there?"
So cute.

Zachy always says, "mommy, can you help me?" then does whatever it is he needed help with and says, "nebermind" I know this is common, but it sound so stinking cute coming out of his mouth.


I thought I had more funny things to tell you, but I guess not. Hope you're having a great week.

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