Saturday, December 8, 2007


Back in high school, I bought the "It's a Cow Christmas" cassette tape.
How I loved that tape. Matt loved it too. We listened to it every year.
Then, at some point, we lost it. And we miss it!
You can't buy it anymore. This always happens with things I love. Take for instance the 80s game Dark Tower. My sister and I spent many hours playing that game when we were kids.
I decided one day that it would be great to introduce my kids to it. They don't make it either. In fact, it is now a huge collector's item, selling for over $300.
Lucky for my kids, my mom kept ours. So for Matthew's birthday, he received the game, and he loves it too.
I know my kids would love the cow christmas. Why can't I find it though? I could buy it on ebay for a chunk of change, but is it worth it? I just don't know.
I wish that the great things in life would just continue to be made for all time!

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Cory said...

I had to giggle at this, because not too long ago, I went on a little buying spree online of all the vintage Fisher Price Little People sets. I bought a few for Andy, just the ones that were my ultimate favorite as a kid. Of course, they are total choking hazards now, but I couldn't help it. What memories it brought back for me!!

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