Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally, that update I promised you

I promised an update, so here it is.
Last week, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I have no idea how I got so old. I don't feel 32, but I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror and think I look really old. I have been plucking white eyebrows lately. *sigh* Happens to the best of us, I suppose.
Also, Dillon had an orthodontist appointment last week. That went fine, but I asked the dr to look at Matthew's mouth and see if his permanent teeth were trying to come in like I was suspecting. Indeed, they are. He needs to have 9 teeth pulled. NINE! Poor thing. So we are waiting on the oral surgery place on base. They have to look at his records and decide if he is a case they can take right now. If not, we go on a waiting list. I hope they can just get in and get it done. One less thing to worry about!
Collin and Emily also had eye dr appointments last week. Em's eyes look great. Next spring, they'll dilate her again and check to be sure she isn't following Collin's pattern. We also discussed putting Collin in contacts.
His glasses make everything up close teeny tiny to him. So she said she'd refer him, and see what we could do.
We went yesterday. The dr told me he was really lukewarm about doing anything because his astigmatism was so bad. He said if anything were to work, it would be a really long road and definitely custom made lenses.
He started doing all his measurements and started saying, "now this is really unusual" I chuckled, because that is what we always hear regarding our kids. The astigmatism on the exterior and interior don't match. This did something that caused them to be able to take contacts right off the shelf, put them in his eyes and cause him to see. He can see so well with them. There is no astigmatism correction right now. In January we will go back and get glasses that will correct the astigmatism. However, when they were testing lenses, over the contacts, he actually saw better without the correction than with it. It's totally wild. And we know that it is a miracle. We went from his eyes being so bad that there really was no hope besides going to the institute for the blind to blow up all his school for him, to pulling a pair of contacts off the shelf right there. All night, I had tears in my eyes as he did things he'd never done before. It was so great.
Today, on the other hand, he refuses to let me put them in. I remember writing about him hating his glasses and wondering if he'd ever wear them. And now we can't get them off. I've said for awhile that as soon as he realizes they help, we'll have a hard time getting the contacts off. We just have to get to that point.
OK, Em is screaming at me, so my time is up. Pray that we get them in!!

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