Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

It's been a great Christmas this year.
First of all, Collin is wearing his contacts all day. He really likes them, and can even take them out all by himself. I'm a bit concerned that someday he'll just decide to take them out for no good reason. But so far, one has come out every day and he takes it to Matt and says he needs it put back in. He has yet to let me put them in. Although, he did let Matt put some artificial tear drops in today, so I think we are definitely getting there.
We bought ourselves six flags season passes, and have been there twice so far. Both times we froze. We went Saturday night and it was so windy. Miserable, really. I can't wait to go when it is warmer.
We had made plans with some friends to take all the kids to see Alvin and the Chipmunks today, so decided we needed to do our big turkey dinner on Christmas Eve. We had those same friends over to eat and play games with us yesterday. It was so great. It makes life so much better to have good friends to share your time with. It also makes being far away from family much easier.
After they went home, we opened our family gifts. It was really great. We got mostly things we can do as a family. I love it. I made Matt a picture with all the kids' handprints on it. He had one from when we only had 3 kids, and always wanted me to add Zachy. So I made it with all five, finally.
My mom got us a new microwave. Microwaves older than 15 years can reset Zachy's pacemaker. Ours was questionable. We've had it 14 years, and have no idea if it was made 15 years ago or not. It's nice to just be safe. I don't know what to do with our old one though. It's in perfect condition, and seems silly to just donate to goodwill. Wish I knew someone who needed one.
Last night, Santa came to our house. And what did he bring? Why a Wii, of course. We are all so excited to have it! We love it. Great fun.
Today, we saw Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was cute. I've always been a fan of Theodore. So cute and cuddly. I think everyone in the city was there!
In all, it's been a really great Christmas.
But with happiness, always seems to come sadness.
Yesterday afternoon, my grandpa passed away. It was one of those things where it was good for him to die, but not for those of us who love him. He felt like he lived a good long life, and was really ready to go. But, we will miss him. Especially my dad. He didn't only lose his dad, but his best friend too. So if you could, would you just pray for him. He's really doing well. He knows it was time, but it's still hard to lose someone you love so much.
Also, I've been thinking all day, that now the holidays are over. Now Zachy's surgery will be here before we know it. And honestly, I don't want to go there. I have nothing to look forward to, to get my mind off it. I know we'll get through this, and everything will be ok. But there are always risks. And the future is not certain. And so, as a mommy, I worry. And...I pray. It's the only thing that gets me through.
OK, I've rambled far too long. I hope you all had a woderful Christmas.

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Robin said...

I'm glad everyone had a great Christmas. You're in my thoughts and prayers for your grandpa as well as the upcoming surgery. Right now I just pray an ease of mind between now and then... (The Wii might help keep you busy. Try the Hottest Dance Party. _

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