Monday, March 16, 2009

Bullet post

I don't know where to go with this post, so maybe I'll do a bullet post. Cause those are always such good reading. Ha!

~ We have been busy. We are having a benefit concert next Sunday at our church. We are raising money for the Pathfinders. They are going to an international camporee this summer in Wisconsin. It's been a lot of work and I'm hoping we earn enough to go.

~ I can't tell you how excited I am for the kids to be going to Osh Kosh (the above mentioned camporee). As a Seventh Day Adventist, sometimes you feel like you are the only SDA out there. I imagine as a kid especially. They are counting on 35,000 Pathfinders being there, and I just think it will be such a great experience for the kids.

~ If you want to donate any money to help the kids get there, you can email me at luckiestmomeveratgmaildotcom.

~ Tomorrow Emily has an upper GI. I'm not looking forward to it. I don't know what I'm hoping for. I'm hoping for nothing to be wrong. If they find nothing, then she will go on to be scoped at a later date. I don't want that. I guess what I'm hoping is that if there is something to be found, it will be found tomorrow.

~ Tomorrow, I'm also getting a crown. I know it sounds lame, but I'm terrified. I hate the dentist and put it off at all costs. I know I'm a chicken, but that's ok.

~ Thursday, Emily has a VCUG. This is a test where they catherterize her and shoot dye into her bladder to see if she has kidney reflux. There are five grades, with five being the worst. Last year she had grade three on both sides. I'm not really hopeful that this will have resolved in a year. It would be nice, but I just think she needs to grow more. This test is awful. I am really really not looking forward to this one. I'm thankful that the upper GI is before the VCUG because after the VCUG it is going to be pure hell to get her to cooperate with any doctors. She is just getting over it from a year ago, now we'll restart the cycle.

~ Friday is the science fair. Dillon has grown his bacteria and discovered that our tv power button has the most bacteria on it. Matthew was growing plants in the garage, but something came and ate them! One by one. Now, what is in our garage?!?! He is now testing to see what environment crickets prefer to live in. Matt has the day off tomorrow so will be helping get their boards together.

~ We are busy. It seems there is barely time to breathe. I keep thinking of what Jim Bob Duggar says, "these are the best days of our lives, and we don't even realize it". It's so true. My kids are growing up way too fast. I tell Matt that after this concert, we have to step back from our commitments. We have to be a family and have time to just hang out as a family.


~ Oh yeah, I almost forgot this one. We got a letter saying that Zachy qualifies for a wish from Make a Wish. So now we need to figure out what once in a lifetime experience he wants to have. This is much harder than you might think! I don't expect anything to happen quickly, but it's great to know things are indeed moving forward.

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