Friday, March 27, 2009

Human Fly Paper

So this last Saturday, my temporary crown fell out.
I had to read online about what to do. Which involved putting it back in.
I did this, but without an adhesive. Later that night, I went and bought some temporary adhesive.
Let me tell you..painful. It was like I'd get close to me stub of a tooth with the crown and the nerves would reach out and touch the crown long before the crown actually touched the nerves. It hurt so bad, and ultimately, I put it in wrong. But it was in, and there was no way I was redoing it.
I had taken pain meds and laid down on my bed to lick my wounds.
Emmie was in the bathroom, playing in the bottom drawer. You know the one. That one that holds the feminine hygiene products. We all have one.
And Emmie loves pads. Poor thing, some day she will grow to loathe them like the rest of us. But for now, she just loves pulling the little green envelopes out of the package and littering the bathroom floor with them.
It's like a game. She pulls them out, says, "MAMA!!" then I tell her to put them away, and she does.
Only Saturday night, I was too out of it to play Scatter the Pads.
After awhile, we all went to bed.
Now, it's important to note at this point, that if I'm already in bed, Matt will use the hallway bathroom, so the bathroom wasn't used after the beginning phase of Scatter the Pads.
Several hours later, we were awaken by ,"rip, rip, rip"
Collin had gotten up to go potty, and was stuck to the pads, which Emmie had actually opened up, and the pads were stuck to the floor.
He was so confused and couldn't figure out how to get free from the sticky paper.
It was so incredibly funny. It made the tooth pain totally subside.


anna said...

tooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!

Shell said...

That is hilarious! I love it. :)

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