Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ER last week

ER the show. Not us in the ER. Thank goodness. Because there was a point, when Em had a temp of 105, that I thought we would end up at the ER.
But the show, ER. You know, the one that is going to end this week. So very sad!
Anyway, last Thursday's episode was so great.
It basically focused on kids who had heart disease, and who had had open heart surgery. It was all about a camp for kids with CHD. Camp del Corazon. The camp really exists, but it is in California, NOT Chicago. But that is neither here nor there.
The point is, it was awesome. They talked about Tetrology of Fallot and the surgeries that go along with that. About Hypoplastic Righy Heart Syndrome and surgeries that go with HLHS. And one other that I can't remember right now. One girl even had a defibrilator implanted. At the end, Morris told a girl a bedtime story about a blood cell that was blue, but desperately wanted to be red.
I was in tears the whole time. It was soo good to see CHD getting media coverage.
I was also in tears because the Chief of the ER was adopting a baby. Oh man, my heart is yearning for a baby. Matt too. So I figure I'll tell you all now so that if God decides to bless us with another baby, it won't surprise you!
Anyway, kudos to ER for doing this!

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Gina said...

I didn't know you watched ER! Yep, I kept wating to hear if they'd say TAPVR, but I never heard it. But, Tim keeps talking about wanting to do a camp/clinic like that for kids w/ disabilities after he is licensed. He'd be so great! Can I just tell you how sad I am that this show is ending? I'm not sure I want to watch the final episode...if I don't watch it then it will just delay the inevitable, I guess.

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