Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Shadow

Last Sunday, Em and I ran to Costco together.
On the way, I stopped at Starbucks and treated myself to a frappucino and Em to a chocolate milk.
We went into Costco with our drinks in hand, and we shopped.
She has gotten so independent and wants to walk with us instead of ride. She also enjoys helping us push the cart.
On our way out, she was feeling around at my pockets. I asked if she wanted the keys. She said she did. Then she went for my handbag. Then her drink. She had me put her sunglasses on next.
Walking to the van she had my handbag hanging from her left forearm, with the keys in her left hand. Held ready to push the 'unlock' button. In her right hand, she sported the chocolate milk.
I looked down and saw a miniature version of me. How I wish I had a camera.
I hope I am a good enough example to her in the coming years that when she copies me, she is copying nothing but good.
God is good, and I know it's possible with His help to model great behaviour to these kids He has so graciously given us to raise!

1 comment:

gina (uk) said...

Awww I can just imagine that :) Just think in a few years u will be talking a.f., shaving everything (and I mean everything) and boys ! You can tell I'm lovin having a 13 1/2 year old girl ;)

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