Wednesday, March 18, 2009


As you all know, yesterday Emily had an upper GI. What you may not know is that she is still nursing. She couldn't eat or drink after 7 am. If you've ever nursed a toddler, you know that the last times they give up are at night and first thing in the morning. I was so hoping she would sleep late and it wouldn't be an issue. We weren't so lucky. She woke right around 7. And she cried, and was so upset that she couldn't have her morning comfort.
By 8, I didn't know what to do to distract her, so knew we needed to get in the car and just drive. So, we did.
We made it down the road when Matthew announced that his eye was hurting. His good eye. He said it felt like it was exploding. Then he told me it felt like something was inside it, eating it. Lovely.
In case you don't know, Matthew has glaucoma in the other eye, and just has funky eye problems that pop up and surprise us.
So, we turned around and went home to get him some Tylenol. When I came back to the van, I thought he had gotten out, because I couldn't see him. He was curled up in pain on the passenger seat. I had never seen him in pain like this from his eyes.
Matt had gone into work, but finished up and came home and came with us to the hospital.
On our way there, we called the ophthalmologist to see if Matthew needed to be seen. Of course, he said yes.
Once we got to the hospital, I took Emmie, and Matt took Matthew and the boys to the ophthalmologist. Thankfully, they are about two doors down the hallway from each other.
I was nervous about the upper GI. But Emily did great. She was frozen and didn't budge the entire time. I had told her she was going to take some medicine. She opened her little mouth like a bird and drank that nasty barium.
All we found out is that yes she is refluxing. We already knew that. The pediatrician is concerned about a hernia being the cause of the reflux. So, I think she'll be scoped in the near future. Just have to wait and see.
As for Matthew, the pain went away, and they said it was probably an ocular migraine. But the pressure was way up in the bad eye. We stayed there for hours while they gave him drop after drop to try to get the pressure down. They never did get it down past 32. He'll see his glaucoma doc in two weeks. For now, though, the pain is gone.
Later I had the privilege of getting my temporary crown put in. It was horrible. I hate the dentist and am always in such pain afterwards. I just wanted to curl into a ball last night and run away from the pain.
Today is a new day, and it's sore, but nothing like yesterday.
I feel totally overwhelmed. We still have the science fair on Friday, the concert on Sunday, Matt is preaching in a different church on Saturday, and the dreaded VCUG is tomorrow. What I really want to do is clean out my house. Shovel out all the clutter. But that takes time, and I don't have a lot of that right now!

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Gina said...

Oh, wow, Bek!! What a day! You are one strong mommy to get through a day like that. I'm praying that things begin to slow down and get easier for you. Love you all!

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