Monday, March 30, 2009

Lessons learned at the Library

I did it. I made the trek to the library, signed my boys and me up for library cards, and fell in love.
This particular library has a totally closed off kids area. I mean closed off. Doors and everything. Which means the kids could be noisy! Woot!
And, there was nobody there since it was during the day.
And, since we are home schoolers we were informed that we could check out eleventy million items at a time. Which is both a blessing and a curse.
It left me wondering why I had waited so long.
Which led me to wonder how often we do that in life.
I mean, how often do we think, "her? not sure I want to be friends with her.." and then once we do, we wonder why we waited so long. One of my very best friends started like that. In fact, she used to ignore me. But I was a pesky little bugger, and now we are the best of friends.
Matt does this often with food. He used to be very particular about what he ate. Now, he is more adventurous, and I'm sure he wonders what took him so long.
In life, I'm convinced, we just need to bite the bullet and go for it.
Oh, but what about the other side of this? What happens when we are quick to befriend someone and they burn us? There's always two sides. And that side often leaves more of an impression than the good side. It's what makes it so hard to step out in the first place.
But we must. Otherwise, our lives will be so boring not even we will be able to stand it.
Here's to trying new things out! And not years from now. Now.

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Papa Benson said...

I agree. The library is GREAT! When I was a kid I thought I would try to read all the books in the library.
once a week my mom would pick me up from school and we'd stop by the library on the way home.
My what a wonderful place.
Nowdays we're way too lazy. Instead of checking out a book we'll buy it at the library, read it once and then try to sell it on
thanks to your good example I'm going to revisit the library.

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