Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool's Day

Yesterday was April Fool's Day.
When I was a kid, every year, my dad would tell me my cat died. And every year I would believe him and cry. Every year, it was a joke.
I've never been a huge fan of the day. Mainly because I cannot tell a lie to save my life.
The Internet has changed that.
I can type and entry and no one can see the look on my face! Then I can sit back and fool people!
There is no dog. Well, there is, that picture was taken from the San Antonio Humane Society site, and there are lots of doggies there needing adopting. But, there is no dog in this house. No way. No how.
My sister fell for it hook, line, and sinker. When I asked if she'd read my blog she just said yes. No emotion in her voice. So, I figured she knew. I said, "man, I was hoping to get Mom with that, she'll never know it's April fool's day!" Then she said, "THAT WAS A JOKE?" And proceeded to tell me she had many opinions that she was going to keep to herself. But I wanted comments. I wanted to know I'd fooled people. I'm greedy like that! So she commented, and even tried to lure my mom into commenting. Well, it didn't work. I'm not even sure my mom has read this. I did, however, trick my mother-in-law. Hehe...oh that feels so good. I'm always the gullible one of the group.
So, the entry was a joke.
I also told the kids we didn't have to do school. They weren't happy with that joke.
Poor Matthew, he has my lying ability and tried to tell me something several times but cracked up every time I looked at him. Just like me.
Last night for Pathfinders and Adventurers I brought "meatloaf". It was chocolate rice krispie treats with chunks of fruit snacks in it. When someone brings a slice of that, and tells you it's meatloaf, it really looks like meatloaf. One boy refused to eat it. He wouldn't even touch it. Even after everyone told him it was chocolate. But before they figured it out, more than one kid said, " thank you, I'm not hungry". Matt says when they ask their parents for meatloaf they are going to be so disappointed and say they want the kind Miss Bekki makes.
It was great.
We had a great day gagging each other all day long.
How was your day? Did you fool anyone??


anna said...

TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Funny!!!!!!!!! The only April Fools Day thing I fell for!!!! I'm not sure I like how it feels to be the gullible one. =) I have been so worried, about what I said in my comment, you, the kids, the dog.......REAL FUNNY!!!!! I LOVED that I know it's not true!!!! =)

Gina :O) said...

OH...MY...GOODNESS!! You SOOOO fooled me! I was like, "What?!?! If she goes back on meds, then she goes back on meds Are you KIDDING me??" Oh, man, you totally and completely got me with that one!! That was great!!

Shell said...

Oh that's hilarious! You are rotten, I fell for it too!!! :)

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