Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things could get ugly around here

This isn't the entry I had in mind for today.
But this morning, Collin came and stood in our room. Said he was going to throw up, then froze. I tried to get him to move to get to the bathroom, but no such luck.
Ick. I hate vomit.
A friend from church just went through this with her whole family. And from the sounds of it, it wasn't pretty.
Matt said things were slow at work so if we all had to get sick, this was a good week to do it! What is he thinking? We are NOT getting sick. No way, no how.
Except, it spread like wildfire in the aforementioned friend's home.
If I suddenly disappear, say a prayer for my family that this is short lived!

1 comment:

Little Green said...

Sorry to hear, sounds like you had it on Sunday. They got better pretty fast if that helps.

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