Monday, June 22, 2009

Calling all Ergo users

There are just a few big ticket items I want for this baby.
A new swing.
Diapers in size small (we always start in cloth when they are older because we've just never invested in smaller sizes).
And an Ergo carrier. I think.
I have wanted an Ergo since I first heard of them, but the thing is, I don't know anyone who owns one, so other than looking and saying, "that looks GREAT" I haven't heard yay or nay about them.
If any of you have used one, would you mind leaving me a comment to let me know your opinion?
In the past I have been a maya wrap wearer, but the Ergo looks really comfortable.

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Tamara (AK) said...

Hi Bekki! Just catching up with your blog after several months offline.

If you've been to my blog (and not just reading in a Reader), you'll see I have an affiliate link to Ergo on my blog. I do indeed have one - not just linking to it - and I LOVE it!! I tried several front carriers and slings before this. The Ergo is definitely the most comfortable & easy to use! I have a bad back (scoliosis and injuries) and it doesn't hurt when I use the Ergo. Plus, baby just seems more comfortable too. I've used it around town as well as hiking with baby in all the positions and it's great!

Anyhow, I know this is quite some time later but I hope my opinion is still useful to you.

I'm happy to have found out you are expecting again and very excited for you! :-)

Take care,

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