Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rough night

Last night, the kids swam against a team twice as big as ours. With a gazillion coaches.
They definitely had their technique down. Something our team is seriously lacking.
The coach said to me, "Dillon's IM relay got DQed because he told me he could do breaststroke. I'd never seen him do it, but he really can't do it"
He then swam a 25 breaststroke and got DQed. He has no idea how to do the stroke. The coach should have watched him before putting him in a relay.
It is just frustrating because there isn't any specific instruction on how to do the strokes. Practice consists of swimming back and forth. They do work on going off the blocks. So far no one has been taught flip turns.
I guess I just think that with the amount of money we have paid, we should get some better instruction.
Oh well, it's almost over. I think there are only 2 meets left. One dual meet, and one meet with just our team. There is all stars, but my kids don't stand a chance qualifying for that, so it doesn't count.
Collin and Matthew also got DQed in their races last night. But Matthew's free relay placed second. Dillon's did also, and he got second in his 25 free. Collin's relay got fourth. At least they all got ribbons. And ice cream.
We figured it was so rough that they deserved DQ. Dillon was looking at the papers that showed the places and thought since his said DQ that he had done well enough to go to DQ. Funny kid!

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Gina said...

Sounds like ice cream was definitely called for!!

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