Monday, June 29, 2009

Guess what's coming up??

Guess what Saturday is??
Why the Fourth of July, of course!
But much more's our fifteenth wedding anniversary!
I am beyond excited about it, which is silly, because we aren't actually doing anything for it. My in laws will be here the end of next week and I think Matt has plans to take me out then, we'll see.
Fifteen used to seem like such a long time, but looking back, it has gone so very fast. And look at all the little people who have joined the world in the last fifteen years!!
I guess I should save my excitement, for the actual day, but I just felt like writing about it today!


Thelma said...

Happy reader here.....hope you get to go to dinner at least.......without kids...and can actually sit through a meal without someone needing something, or the potty(yes I am potty training my youngest) or cutting somone's meat....I have been known to attemp to cut my husband's steak up when out on a rare "date"...LOL

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Happy Anniversary today! :)

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