Sunday, June 7, 2009

He did it!

I've mentioned before that the boys are all swimming on swim team this year. For Zachy and Collin it has been more of swimming lessons. The little ones who don't know their strokes go to one side and get instructed on how to swim. Glorified swimming lessons..only cheaper!
Last week, Collin would try to go and just sink down. No forward movement. Just down like a lead brick.
The problem was his kick. He never kicked from his hips, only his knees.
So, we would try to start, go down. Come up. Push off the ground in a forward motion. Try again. Sink. But he would get somewhere from pushing off the ground.
Friday, he asked me if he could go with the other kids because he could do it now.
I wasn't so sure, and I told him we had to talk to his coach.
They have a meet on Monday and she said she had several kids she needed to test, because if you can't make it across the pool, you can't swim in the meet. So she said she would test him at the end of practice.
Six of them were tested. Two made it across the pool without any stopping or hanging on lane lines. Collin was one.
So, not only does he get to move to the other group, he will be competing on Monday. We are so excited for him and so proud.
Zachy is not ok with Collin leaving him, but he'll get over it. And he is really close to getting across the pool as well. So it's only a matter of time and they'll be together again.
I can't wait till Monday to watch my boys swim in their first swim meet.
Speaking of that, Matthew got to choose what event he wanted to do. He chose breaststroke! He said that is the hardest stroke he's learned so far so he wants to swim it.
Dillon is swimming freestyle, and he's in a free relay.
It should be loads of fun!

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