Sunday, June 14, 2009


I feel like my house is being over run with clutter. I cannot stand it.
Every time I put away laundry I get so overwhelmed by the clutter.
There is much weeding out to be done before we add a new member to our house!
I used to be able to tame the clutter. Back when I had three kids I was a pretty successful Fly Baby. And I really felt great about the state of my house. We were in a small apartment, but it was clutter free and cozy.
Then, something happened. I really have no idea what.
Perhaps I just got lazy.
I know things really got bad when Emily was born. She has been so demanding that dealing with her and schooling the kids took up all my time. I rarely had a spare 15 minutes to declutter.
Normally, when we move, I'm able to just shovel out all sorts of stuff we don't need. But this time, the movers packed and moved us. No shoveling out. So instead of 2 years of clutter, I'm dealing with 4.
Currently, I feel icky and can barely keep the house clean, never mind decluttering and deep cleaning, but I've decided once I feel better, I'm going to rejoining Flylady and get decluttering. Emily is getting better. Whether it's growing up, or getting on good meds, I'm not sure, but I'm not complaining. I just wish I felt better so I could get going.
Today, I'm just trying to get the house cleaned up since it has literally not been cleaned really well since we got back from Disney. It's awful. I'd be so embarrassed for anyone to come over!
Boy, my life must be pretty uneventful if the only exciting thing I have to write about is clutter!! I guess that's good drama!

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