Monday, April 7, 2008

Great Sunday

We had a great day yesterday. It started out blah.
We were just kind of sprawling about. Then we decided to go to the store to look for a seat for Emmie on Matt's bike.
We discovered it was beautiful outside. Which was kind of surprising because we had all been cold inside. Had to turn down the a/c.
We walked around the BX for a good long while. Emmie pushed any cart she could get her hands on. So cute.
We also had to buy a sprinkler so we could start watering the lawn. For some reason, Collin decided to throw our old one away.
When we got home, we set up the sprinkler, and the kids played in the water. Matt put the seat on his bike, and I worked on laundry.
We decided to grill turkey burgers and have a picnic in our yard. We had bought strawberries the other day, so we got some angel food cake and cool whip and made strawberry shortcake for dessert.
Then we all went for a bike ride. When will I learn? My knee is killing me today, but it was fun while it lasted!
Then we got all the cleaning done and were ready to start the week off with a clean house.
It was just a great day.
Today, however, Collin has been battling a temp of 104.1 and is pretty out of it. Hopefully it's short lived because tomorrow is supposed to be a busy day.
I hope you had a fantabulous Sunday also.

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