Monday, April 28, 2008

Always be Prepared

As a prelude to this story, I have to tell you that Zachy is a stasher. He stashes goodies anywhere he can think of. If something is missing, we ask him, and off he'll trot to where he stashed it.
It is not uncommon for him to ask if he can bring assorted items with us in the car. We usually say yes, and don't pay much attention to what it is.
Yesterday, we decided to head to Six Flags. As usual, Zachy said, "can I bring stuff?" I told him that he could, and thought nothing more of it.
Whilst in the park, Dillon went running, caught the toe of his sandal on the ground and took a dive. Skinned up his knees and hands. We were looking at his wounds and asking if he was ok, not paying any attention to Zach. All of a sudden, he was beside us, with a first aid kit! He was declaring, "OH! I have bandaids!!" We were so surprised that he brought stuff from the van into the stroller. We figured everything stayed behind. We were so greatful that he happened to stash a first aid kit with him.
He also brought hand sanitizer and ice breakers, because you never know when you need clean hands and a clean mouth!


Shelle said...

That's actually really neat! My daughter is a packer, but usually try to get her not to bring the stuff with us! Maybe I should let her???

I came over to your blog from BlogHer! Cute story!

tim & gina said...

Way to go, Zachy!! Good thing he was prepared!

Daiquiri said...

I see a Boy Scout in the making! :) Cute story.

Stopped by from BlogHer headlines. Nice to "meet" you!


Anonymous said...

OMGosh, that is so cute! Thanks for the giggles!


Becoming Me said...

Ohh I love this story. My girl is a stasher as well. You're raising a litle boy scout.

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