Friday, April 11, 2008


This morning, Zachy asked me if he had ever been in my tummy.
I said that yes he was.
He said, "oh yeah, I was scary* in there"
Me "no, you liked it a lot, and didn't want to come out"
sly smile then, "oh yeah..I was HIDING!"
He then crawls off my bed and spots a bear figurine I have. He picked it up, looked at it, and then at me and says, "mommy, is this really what you looked like when you were a bear?"
"when was I a bear?"
"when you were a a COSTUME"
That kid cracks me up.

* Zachy always says scary when he means scared. For instance, he can't go to bed in the dark because he's scary. It's really too cute to correct him right now, maybe when he's 12.

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tim & gina said...

Aww...I love when they say things like that! Tj is so funny, too, and comes up with the cutest things! Tj and Zachy will love being able to play together more after we move. Of course, he played more with Collin than he did with Zachy, but whatever! :O)

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