Thursday, April 10, 2008

What's a mom to do?

So the fever bug has bitten Dillon and Emmie now.
Last night Emmie's temp was up to 104.1 and she was breathing so fast. I called the nurse and they said to bring her in. I was counting betweent 75-85 respirations per minute. Much too fast.
I waited until she fell asleep and things seem to quiet down a bit. She was down to the 40s.
This morning, she is still sleeping and her respirations have slowed way down. Thank goodness. And her temp is only 101.4.
Dillon, on the other hand, he awoke this morning telling me something was clogging his throat.
His tonsils are indeed huge. And I see white on them. So the question is, is this strep, or just regular ole tonsilitis?
I'm waiting a bit, to see how they both fare later on in the day. If they get worse or don't improve (mainly Dill) I'll try to get them in. He is notorious for getting strep. Poor thing. And you'd think I'd know the look of it by now.
So, maybe doctor for us today, maybe not.
And once again, Matthew is the only kiddo to not get sick yet.

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