Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Words mom doesn't want to hear

Matt is at the grocery store with Dillon and Collin.
I called to remind him that we needed water.
He is telling me that the cart is full, he hasn't made it to produce yet and he doesn't know where he'll put it.
Then, I hear CRASH "ARE YOU OK??"
And then he tells me, "I gotta go, they just dumped over the cart" *Click*
As a little girl, I turned a cart over on me.
I was two. I broke my leg in two places.
I'm assuming all is ok though, since I haven't heard back from him.
Just makes my heart freak out a bit.


Anonymous said...

I remember that all TOO well. Hopefully nothing happened to Collin or Dillon. What about the EGGS? From the outside this is just too funny. From the inside not so much. Hope all is well.

tim & gina said...

Sooo...are they ok? I certainly hope so!

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