Friday, July 11, 2008

And Just Like That..

The week has come to an end.
Tonight is the last night of VBS. Tomorrow is our "graduation" program. I don't really know why we are calling it that, it isn't like anyone is graduating. Oh well, for lack of a better word I guess.
I've decided VBS is like Christmas. You spend months and months planning it. You dream about it. You worry about it. And just like that, it's over. This week has been so fast.
It has been awesome. Seriously. I had my doubts. I didn't even really want to do VBS this year. But my wonderful husband insisted. And he knew best. I am so glad we pushed on and did it.
I just filled out 58 certificates for tomorrow. Our largest VBS by far. Of course, we did join forces with the Spanish church who rents part of our church. But still, we almost doubled in size from last year.
I'm already looking forward to next year. I know though, that the excitement will wear off and we'll get busy with something else, and then VBS will sneak up on us once again.
The best part of all is that we've had several kids this year who had never met Jesus. Now, because of VBS, they know who He is! Awesome, awesome, awesome.
And now, I'll leave you with the lyrics of what seems to be the favorite VBS song this year. Just based on how the kids scream for it every night!
It's simple, with a powerful message.

Get up, Get up.
Get up and tell the world.
Get up, Get up.
Some people haven't heard.
That Jesus paid the price,
So we could have eternal life.
Get up, Get up,
get up and tell the world.

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truth said...

What a special time! Our church isn't doing VBS this year. My kids are too old for it, but I am at a place in my life where I can help so much more.

I remember holding my own little neighborhood VBS with my kids and any neighbor kids that wanted to come over for it. The parents were thrilled to have their kids at my house and the kids were so open. One 10 year old boy loved hearing me read proverbs. He thought they were the most incredible words. I wished I'd been able to give him a bible that summer. He'd ask me to "read just one more," over and over.

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