Thursday, July 24, 2008

Too many projects!

I have too many things going on. All by choice, so I need to prioritize. I just suddenly got a hobby bug.
I decided to sew birthday gifts for my nephews and niece. While doing this, all the kids decided they wanted their own. So, now I'm working on 8 sewing projects. I have Dillon's done, but Matt decided he wanted one too. I'm almost done with my eldest nephew's.
I also am working on a photobook at shutterfly.
And two nights ago, the kids all pulled out their scrapbooks and were looking through them. I haven't scrapped in ages, and haven't scrapped anything of Emmie. So now I'm wanting to scrap.
So I guess I'm only technically working on two projects. But I want to be done with the sewing to get to the scrapping.
I'm really limited though. I basically sew when Emmie is asleep. So, an hour during the day and at night after she goes to sleep.
I've been thinking of sewing for my other nieces too, but we'll see. I may be all sewed out.
I guess this is all a good thing. I have a nice comfy, warm home to let hobbies grow in. Yep, it is a good thing.

1 comment:

Shell said...

Yes! You can scrap with all that Pink paper!!! :)

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