Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sew much to do

Oh my. I think I've taken on a bigger sewing project than I should have.
I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.
I was hoping to get it all done today.
Then tomorrow was going to be laundry day.
Thursday I was going to pack.
Friday I was going to clean so we could leave after Matt got home.
I just don't think the sewing will get done today. I actually know it won't.
Emmie is getting sick and is a CRAB-O. Figures.
I can't wait till all the sewing is done though. I'll be sure to take pictures so you all can see my handy work. Can't tell you what it is though, because it's still a surprise for certain people in our family.
OK, gotta run to the bank! See..too much to do!

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