Friday, July 18, 2008

The bush

My house desperately needs some cleaning, and I don't wanna do it! That was me stomping my feet like a two year old.
I have no energy. I think I'm still recovering from VBS. I can pretend anyway!
I really have nothing interesting to say, I just don't want to do anything.
I do have a crazy story though.
In between our house and the neighbor's is a big hedge. When we first moved in the neighbor told me, "don't touch that hedge, it hides my truck". Oky doky. Since we rent I had no intention of touching the hedge.
Yesterday though, our landlord had a different idea. He started hacking away at it. Now, understand that this was a leafy hedge, and very tall. To prune it you would have needed a tall ladder. Now, it is about 3 feet high. And of course, the tops are all naked. No biggie, it will fill back in.
Last night, the neighbor came pounding at out door. He wanted to know who did it. He was fuming mad. And how stupid. I mean really, we rent, we have no say over what the landlord can and cannot do to his yard! We don't particularly like it because now we can see all the neighbor's junk. But, it isn't ours, so we can't complain! Oh man, you would have thought that this bush was gold or something, the way the neighbor was going on and on about it!
Then later, Matt had to run an errand. When he came home he said, "did you hear S**** yelling at me?" He had let into Matt about how the bush was on the property line and as much his as it was our landlord's. Which, isn't true, it is clearly in our yard. He said he'd be reporting it to the home owner's association and he'd be in big trouble. He also said he was going to come and chop it down at the trunk.
OK, people..have you gotten it? It's a BUSH!!! For heaven's sake, Matt and I cannot believe that people would get so worked up about a bush! And one that doesn't belong to them!!
So, the landlord came to finish today. I told him and his wife what had taken place. The landlord says, let him cut it down, I'll sue him. And funny enough, our landlord is the architectural person for the home owner's association. Apparently, he owns 4 houses in this subdivision that he rents. I thought we were the only ones in here.
I just think the whole this is so funny. A bush. S**** just doesn't like it because now you can see all his junk. I don't like it because now I can see them! But I'm not going to make a fuss over it! Petty stuff, folks!
We'll see what the neighbor has to say this evening when he gets home from work. I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if he had stayed home from work today to give the landlord an earful. We had told him that our landlord would be back to finish up, so we really expected him to stay home. That's how upset he was.
OK, now I really must go clean. I still don't wanna!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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