Friday, July 25, 2008

The Queen

It's true, around these parts I am indeed, the Queen.
I mean, it only makes sense.
I help run a small kingdom here, so queen is a fitting title.
Besides, if Emmie is a princess, I must be a queen.
We have the tent set up in the garage, letting it air out. I told Matt I am too old to sleep on the ground anymore, and that we needed an air mattress. So we got a fancy schmancy ordinary flock topped queen mattress. We laid all the pads out and the mattress to see how well everyone would fit. I gasped. The mattress is tiny. Much to tiny for a queen like me!
You see, we have a king size bed, so to then look at a queen was shocking.
No worries though, Matt informed me he would sleep on the ground, because he wasn't that old. *snort*
So the princess and the queen will be sleeping on an air matress, while the king and his princes sleep on the ground. I don't feel too special though, because I've never known an air mattress that doesn't pop!
Speaking of being a all time favorite queen sentiment is, 'I know I'm a queen, my pantyhose say so'
For all you thin, young whippersnappers who might not know, when you get into plus size nylons ( I don't even think they call them nylons anymore..what are they??) they are called queen sizes.
OK, I'm off to sew. My shoulders hurt from sewing yesterday, but alas, I must get it done.
The queen has left the building blog.

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