Monday, September 18, 2006

Gettin on the ball

I must be feeling like the old me these days. Well, sometimes.
Finally, after a few months, I have sat down and called different doctors. Matthew saw a plastic surgeon who said we needed to see someone else. I also had a referral for him to see a nuerosurgeon, but hadn't made the appointment. So I did that this morning, only to discover that Matthew needs to have another MRI done. So I'm waiting on the word from the ped. to make the appointments for the MRI and the craniofacial doctor.
Now, before you go thinking I'm a bad mom or something, these are things that aren't pressing. Our ped. just wanted Matthew established with them in case there was a need later on. So it isn't like I was neglecting something super important.
I also put in a call to Zachy's card. You will recall that Zachy did the holter monitor quite awhile ago, and I never was called with the results. This wouldn't have happened back in Idaho, I'll tell ya that much. Those cards were on top of things. I'm not overly concerned because had it been bad, I'm sure we would have heard about it. However, the dr said that based on those results, he would decide how often to see Zachy. So now I'm left not knowing when he needs to be seen next. I'm not sure that it really matters, if he tries to lengthen the time, I'm not sure we'll agree to it. I don't think I'm ready to go any longer than a year in between visits. Not yet anyway. I'm a chicken. He's my baby. Gotta keep on top of things.
Now to get on the ball and start school for the day!!

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