Thursday, September 14, 2006

A long overdue update

It has been so long since I've done an actual post. I keep meaning to, and then I don't. I just haven't had it in me. But alas, today is the day. The other issue has been that Blogger joined forces with Google and has changed things up on me. It has been frustrating to me, but I'm getting over it. My current issue is that it is impossible for me to comment on anyone else's blogger blog. Does anyone else have this problem or just me? Probably just me.
Things are going well down here in Texas. The boys have been doing school now for a few weeks and it is going well. I really like most of the curriculum I got them this year. I need to change up some of Dillon's, but once that happens, things should be great. Matt has decided that he likes the history the boys are doing and has taken over teaching it to them in the evenings. I always kind of assumed he would take over math someday, but never history! Wonders never cease!
The heart walk is coming up the end of this month, so if you were wanting to donate, and hadn't because it was so far away, now is the time to do it. Click the logo up there and donate! And to those of you who have already donated, thank you so much. It means the world to me.
And speaking of is becoming apparent these days that adults with Zachy's defect are needing more care than they once thought. New issues are popping up as they become adults. In the past, these kids never lived to adulthood so it's been a mystery what happens to them as adults. It's kind of a hard pill to swallow because most of us TAPVR parents are told that our kids are 'cured' once the initial surgery is done, but that apparently isn't the case. Of course, I'm not gonna borrow trouble, it is just an interesting thought to have in the back of my head. Cardiac appointments at least every 2 years will be his life, his entire life. I'm just thankful that he came along at this time and not back when these babies weren't living very long! I can't imagine life without him!
We've had a couple blessings come to us, in the form of clothes and furniture! My sister sent me a bunch of maternity clothes, and her baby sling, which has been a blessing to me. I have a couple other friends who will be sending me more clothes as well. I could get away with not buying any clothes this pregnancy! And our neighbor gave us a really nice dresser. It is a six drawer dresser in great shape. She just wanted it out of her house because it came from her mother in law and she couldn't stand to look at it! Her loss is our gain! I am so greatful to have an extra dresser.
If you read the last post you know that Zachy is officially potty trained! WOOHOO!! It is so nice! He tells me all the time that he is a big boy now. Yes, he is, how did that happen??
Cute Zachy story, that some of you may not find so cute, but it's cute to us. Zachy is very into kissing owwies. And when I weaned him, it was after my surgery and we told him "num-nums have owwies". The other day he was talking about my num nums being all gone, and Matt said, "when the baby gets here, does he get the num nums?" And Zachy said "yes, you're num nums owwie" and kissed my boob! Now, occasionally he will run up to me and kiss a boob (through my shirt people), to make it better for his new baby. So sweet of him.
Did I ever mention here that we had Matthew's birthday at Chuck E Cheese? Well, we did. And I added pictures of it for y'all.
In other news, we now have two parakeets. Matthew has been saving his money and got enough money with birthday money to finally get them. He loves them to death. We have a yellow one and a blue one. Their names are Ernie and Ernest! Goofy kid!
In pregnancy news, I'm now in my second trimester, and feeling better every day. It is nice on these days when I feel good. I still have some really bad days, but for the most part it is getting better. I go on Tuesday to the new dr. I'm pretty excited about it, and have high hopes for her, I just hope I'm not disappointed!
Cute Collinism...when the boys say something together, they say, 'jinx you owe me a soda' But Collin says, "jinx you ORDER me a soda" It is beyond cute because he thinks that is what they say, and half the time he says it when he hasn't said something at the same time as someone else.
Let's see...what else..Matthew gets his braces off on October 4. He is pretty excited about that, but not too excited about having to wear a retainer. I was thinking, 'wow, I can't believe we're done' and then it hit me that we are only done with the first stage! We get to go through braces again when he is older. Fun Fun!
It occured to me the other day, that I have absolutely nothing for this baby. This happened when I hit 13 weeks. I think that deep down, I might not have expected to make it the second trimester. The last time I was due in March, I miscarried, so I think I thought I couldn't carry a baby at this time of year. Stupid, I know, but I think that's how I felt. So anyway, we have nothing. We have our old swing, that I just realized is missing a piece, hopefully it's in the storage shed, and a sling. That's it. I got rid of everything after I had Zachy. I don't have clothes, receiving blankets, a car seat, towels...nothing. It's crazy. And then I think, wow, I have less than 27 weeks to go! Which seems like a long time, but with the holidays in there, it will go so fast. Better get crackin!
Speaking of the holidays. I cannot wait for Christmas. I talked to my sil yesterday and she was cracking up because I was listening to Christmas music and she could hear it in the background. Personally, I think she's just jealous, she wants to be listening to it too, but is afraid to admit it! Heeheee, just kidding.
I also got news the other day that we may have company during the Christmas season. Not right at Christmas, or even Thanksgiving, but during the season anyway!! You know who you are, and I'm putting in my demand for you to come! HA! Don't you love how I can demand people to come to my house? I wish it were that easy!
Anyway, I know this post is all over the place, but I guess I had a lot on my mind. Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Matthew and Chuck E. at his party.

Matthew at his party.

Dillon and the neighbor at Matthew's party.

All the kids at the party

The picture of Zachy and Collin's cake I promised you a million years ago. My friend made it for them, and I think it looks awesome.

Collin's icky fingers when he and Zach were fingerpainting.

Making a materpiece!

Zachy's lovely hands!

And last but not least, Zachy's masterpiece!


Gina said... are correct! I looove Christmas music, too! In fact, later that day, Tj and I were rockin' out to 'A Very Veggie Christmas!' Oh - and right now Tj is dancing to this song! So, you see, you cannot change this song - your nephew likes it, too! *lol* You need to make all your posts this long so that I have more of a chance to listen to the song! I know that I come on here to "read" all the time, but when there IS actually something new to read, my being on here is justified, ya know? *lol* Okay, anyway, love and miss you all! Have a great weekend!

ivy said...

Great Photos..
Dont worry abou tnot having everything. i didnt get even part of what i needed until the week before my c section!! I was so stressed over it.. I still dont have a baby bed up..but he is good in the bassinet for a lil while atleast..

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